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Use our software to build UI component libraries that are ready to use and built to work together.

Get an average living app with 3 years maintenance over the lang-haul. Our Ex JS supplies users the experience of interfacing over smartphone, tablet and desktop. Faster app development is key and you will have a lifeline within your development .

EX JS, bringing global business into a new way of interaction on the web.

Why develop Ext with JS?

Install the application faster and eliminate technical debt: Ext JS and Frame

The user interface library is designed to work together.

• Professional manufacturing components

• The only source

• Comprehensive data analysis.

• Agnostic context

ExtJS supports companies in designing, developing and testing impressive web applications on all modern platforms and devices. With more than 140 professionally designed and compatible JavaScript components, including high-performance grids, graphics, etc., our tools shorten the development cycle so that companies can fully exploit their potential.

Confirmed experience

Ext JS has almost ten years of experience in network technology innovation and we are honored to be a reliable provider of web applications.

Wide acceptance all over the world

Over 10,000 corporate customers, including 60% of the Fortune 100 companies, rely on Ext JS to deliver turnkey applications. Over 2-million developers use Ext JS products, and our products have recorded more than seven million downloads in more than 100 countries. These are the times in which you need to invest your money and wisdom.

World class component

Increases productivity in the coding model of all components, as opposed to the specific coding style defined for each part of the composite structure.

Different functions

Ext JS transcendent solutions and a solid development structure. Our integrated platform also manages the design and testing of applications that improve your business.

Excellent support and service

Ext JS has worked tirelessly to build a recognized reputation for service and professional training, which is key to the success of your business application program. Our support organization provided solutions to quickly resolve the issues.

Global footprint

Ext JS is a global company that supports customers in various regions. Operating in Austin, Texas, we have a local presence in all major regions, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Tighten it from the start

Use Ext JS in the toughest security environment. Our support system is professionally supported and managed and is based on a single source. This means that your groups and requests are less sensitive and can be sent securely.

Join your team with MyiGet Secure

More than 90% of the software stack consists of packages. Managing dependencies is one thing, but knowing what permissions are used is another. MyiGet simplifies the administration and management of the licenses used in the feeds. Ext JS is fully integrated into the MyiGet system to ensure secure and universal package management.

Drag the developer selection

Architects save developers time because they no longer have to write most of the standard code. Automatic code generations accelerate the developments of both mobile and desktop applications. Simply changing the properties and settings of the Ext JS-ZUI component in the WYSIWYG window eliminates the human error that typically occurs with manual calls.

Complete data analysis

With Ext JS, businesses can add powerful analytics to their web applications with Ext JS Pivot Grid. Users can collect, collect and analyze multidimensional information to make more informed decisions.

Require data visualization

The D3 adapter allows you to add a sophisticated D3 display (data-oriented document set), such as heat maps, tree maps, sunbursts, etc. to a web application. You can now create dynamic visualizations that not only tell a specific story, but also help users explore their data and understand which stories are told.

Agnostic context

Data packets are protocol independent and can access data from any background source. It is a session management function that minimizes the number of client-side operations to the server and from the server.


The ARIA package allows you to create applications that can be used by people who need assistive technology, such as: B. screen readers for browsing the Internet.