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Below is a discussion of the equipment we will be using to integrate their businesses online. If you want to turn your business into an online magnet, then get in touch.

Ext JS in Action's value proposition has been significantly expanded with the release of Ext JS 7.0

This release not only provides web development components and infrastructures for the toughest companies, but also a full suite of components for Angular, React and core components for web components that can be used in any environment. JS environment. Nowadays, your company can use unprecedented professional tools, including the most powerful JS network among teams.

At Ext JS in Action, we create interesting business packages to make it easier to calculate and implement the return on investment. An entire organization can implement multiple components and our principles to easily accelerate the speed of development and maintenance. So, we believe the time is right.

Commitment to sound and safe use

Ext JS is based on the width and quality of the components delivered for success. We currently have over 115 basic components, including the most efficient network on the market. Although other networks have been used, the Ex tJS network is characterized by an overall architecture, the ability to switch properties between components, and a lack of dependence on open source components that are less reliable and difficult to maintain. It manages millions of data sets and provides integrated functions such as sorting and grouping, as well as advanced functions such as dynamic rasters.

Components for other JS structures, including Angular, React or even Vanilla JS

With the latest version, we support components that are better integrated with other frames. You can take advantage of the productivity and quality of ExtJS components on many computers. You no longer need to encrypt to manage desperate components from multiple vendors. If you want a real estate component that you want to develop and develop, you can still do so.

High ROI for development and maintenance

Using the full range of components speeds development because it has only one learning curve. A stronger product needs to know more if it knows it will quickly increase productivity. For the first time, many companies are aware of the complexity of updating between card versions and managing ambiguous memory codes that may or may not persist. While upgrades are never easy, our incremental version approach which minimizes code changes should offer the lowest possible maintenance costs.

Affordable price for businesses

In the past, we have taken a flexible approach where individual development teams can buy what they need. It worked well with relatively small Ext JS teams (due to the high productivity). However, companies using technologies like Angular today need more options and fewer restrictions. We have developed exciting new business volume packages to meet these needs and combine technologies.

It is time to consider Ext JS in Action as a business development partner. If you want to use our Ext JS in Action software, Angular, or our React or Vanilla JS applications, we provide the best solution you need to equip your development team with a high-quality, reliable and secure tool that will save you money and will allow you to get up faster.

As a Ext JS in Action engineer, I spend a lot of time visiting customers, sharing the screen with them and helping them create attractive interfaces. The trend observed by our customers is the need to extend the life cycle of these web applications.

The need for businesses to reach customers and employees via web applications is well known and common in most areas of business. Businesses invest more in each web application they create and expect the applications to create long-term value internally and for their customers. Web applications are becoming a new business application.

I see many Ext JS 5.x and 6.x versions in production with a lot of functions, they do the necessary work, but they get a little longer. As more and more users become familiar with web applications, the quality, usability and appearance of the application are quite high. In fact, most of the old apps have been delayed for a full repair.

If you use Ext JS 5 or Ext JS with the Classic Toolkit application, the Ext JS 7 version offers a simple and inexpensive way to modernize the appearance of your application with only two lines of code.

When migrating to Ext JS 7, you can use new modern material themes for the Classic Toolkit. This topic uses a material design developed by Google that describes the visual components and the design of the application, the possible interactions and the integrated quality forms of expression such as colors, shapes and movements. Material design concerns not only the visual aspects of the application, but also the movement. What makes this new topic interesting is the move UI directives, which developers can use not only to create brilliant new user interfaces, but also to use gestures to get a much better user experience.