Ext JS in Action for Canadian Businesses Online


Our Ext JS in Action is now helping businesses struggling inside of Canada. Our next project is to help get gambling establishments up and running on the internet. Online casinos are where the clients reside and having access to instant slots, poker and roulette games will help boost the business numbers for the 5 Canadian casinos we are contracted with.

Below, we discuss the tools that will be used to help the transferal of these casino businesses from high street to online highway.

First Ext JS in Action 7.0 license

July 9, 2019 | Jones east

We are pleased to announce the release of Ext JS in Action 7.0 via Early Access. This version includes interesting improvements and new features, paying special attention to the improvements of the modern toolbox. Learn more about the highlights of the launch.

Modern and new and updated components of the toolkit:

Create groups (check boxes, radio buttons) to easily group a collection of check boxes or radio buttons and support actions such as adjusting or checking the layout at the group level.

A navigation toolbar that provides the ability to display hierarchical information in a navigation format.

The accordion design that supports multiple panels allows for expansion / retraction.

Grid Update supports drag and drop so that users can easily move, organize and add content to a row or cell.

Presentation of a foldable group area to facilitate the organization and display of information groups

Drag and drop the plugin into the tree view so that users can easily move and organize the tree menu.

Better accessibility in a modern toolbox thanks to the use of the keyboard, indexing of maps and focusing.

Add a localization package to Modern Toolkit so that developers can easily find applications for languages other than English. Local packages include Danish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Norwegian , Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

The theme of the material, the minimalist look and the bright colors are now part of the classic toolbox.

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Ext JS in Action Test

We invite you to try the early use of Ext JS in Action 7.0 and share valuable comments via the forum.

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Ext JS in Action Upgrade Adviser Version 1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Ext JS in Action 1.0 Update Advisor. The Ext JS in Action Upgrade Advisor analyzes Ext JS in Action 4.x and 5.x and reports source code problems that must be resolved before upgrading to a newer version of Ext JS in Action (6.x). Ext JS in Action Boost consultants include:

Ext JS in Action ESLint plug-in that can be run from the command line in Ext JS or integrated into an IDE, e.g. B. Visual Studio code

The Ext JS in Action ESLint extension provides ESlint rules to determine the use of excluded, private, and obsolete classes, methods, configurations, and properties, and to replace existing aliases, categories, and methods.

The Ext JS in Action ESLint plug-in provides options to automatically fix certain identified problems

Desktop applications are used for the visual display of analysis results and relevant source code

Classic and modern support.

Benefits of the Ext JS in Action 6.x upgrade

Ext JS in Action 6.x supports common applications for desktops, tablets and smartphones with a single code base. In Ext JS in Action 6.x we are introducing several new components: Dynamic Grid, Calendar, D3, updated exporters. In addition to these new components, we’re improving the web, including main path widgets, improved access with kernel ARIA features, and recently available graffiti themes. Ext JS in Action, ExtGen and ExtBuild Npm packages are available for Ext JS in Action 6.x /

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